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Information Resources

Northwest Nonprofit is a quarterly print newsletter that provides a glimpse of what's important to being part of the nonprofit sector.  Readers receive concise easy to read articles on current topics. To become a member and receive this publication, see Membership.

Key Topic Areas

The following are the most common topics featured in Northwest Nonprofit.

bulletNonprofit Trends & Issues
bulletBoard Development
bulletNonprofit Policy Issues
bulletInformation Resources
bulletEvents and Funding Opportunities
bulletManagement Tips and Tools

Sample from Past Issues

bulletSample issue of NNR's newsletter, Northwest Nonprofit.
bulletList of articles from Northwest Nonprofit (below) illustrates some of the topics NNR covers.

Articles from Previous issues of Northwest Nonprofit

bullet"Seeking Sustainability While Riding Out the Economic Storm"; Winter, 2008/09
bullet"What Makes Great Nonprofits Great?"; Spring, 2008
bullet"Nonprofit Leadership in a Changing World"; Summer, 2006
bullet"Agility: Leading Nimble Nonprofits"; Summer, 2004
bullet "You've Got A Board Job Description. Now What"; Summer/Fall, 2003
bullet "Know What You Need Before You Recruit"; Summer/Fall, 2003
bullet"Splash and Ripple! Planning & Managing for Results"; Winter, 2001/2002
bullet"Revisiting Nonprofit Boards: Legal Issues & Member Recruitment"; Spring, 2001
bullet"Revisiting Nonprofit Boards: Youth Involvement & Board Orientation"; Summer, 2001


See Publications for information on receiving complementary hard copy and back issues of Northwest Nonprofit.

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