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Information Resources

NNR promotes two-way communication among individuals and organizations who invest in NNR membership. We also use these communication tools to link community groups and individuals within special projects we manage.

Key Benefits

bulletLearn and link with peers
bulletLearn about quality products and services
bulletFind out about nonprofit policy issues and trends

Communication Options

In addition to our quarterly newsletter, Northwest Nonprofit, NNR provides mechanisms to address immediate questions and issues.  Members and associates pose questions, share ideas and pass on discoveries (resources, lessons and events of interest to their peers).

Electronic Networking

A mechanism for nonprofit leaders to ask and answer questions facing their colleagues.

Member Updates and Notices

Information compiled and distributed electronically or by mail with a response mechanism to promote two-way communication regarding issues, ideas and needs of NNR members.


NNR members can phone, fax or e-mail questions. NNR facilitates access to resources and answers in response to these requests.

Nonprofit Policy Dialogue and Strategy

NNR focuses on nonprofit policy in the following ways:

bulletConvenes discussions among leaders of nonprofit networks and explores issues of common concern to all nonprofits, exchanges information, and where possible identifies joint opportunities for action
bulletSeeks opportunities for communication with policy makers and government agency officials regarding the needs of nonprofits.
bulletCoordinates and communicates efforts among its members.

Response Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

I'd like to be involved. I'll send more about my interests using the response tool.
Add me to your list of resource people who can help nonprofits and community based leaders (please send to NNR or attach information about your area of expertise using our response tool).
I have information I think nonprofit organizations can use.  I'll send it using the response tool.



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